The Simple Stages of Friendship

Making friends (especially with the opposite sex) is a minefield, often with both parties having no clue where they actually stand. In relationships, ‘the talk’ comes around at some point, defining exactly where the future is going but the same doesn’t happen with pals, and that can be confusing.

But here are some clear-cut signs that you’re on your way to becoming friends:

1. Eek, You’re Cool!

You admire them from afar, they say something that sparks your attention, maybe they like something that you do and all you want to do is talk about it with them, but you aren’t sure if you can quite yet...

2. Is It All In My Head?

You talk, all the while trying to size up whether your potential new friend feels the same way you do. You want to be cool, but you also want them to know how much you want to be in their life but as friends. This stage can be incredibly awkward, but as long as they ask for a way to keep in touch, it’s safe to say you’re in.

3. Do I Text?

You want to hang out, you even have a plan in mind, probably related to a mutual interest you discussed at your first meeting, but it’s scary typing out that message. You don’t want to seem too keen, but if you don’t do it, you’ll never get to see where things could go.

4. Hanging Out!

You’re spending time together, trying to figure out if the friendship chemistry is still there. Is this someone you can really have fun with? Right now, you’re both being very nice, but is this someone you can count on later? Hopefully, you have as much in common as you thought at the start.

5. Am I Being Weird?

Everyone tries to reel themselves in a bit when meeting new people (more so with the opposite sex), to keep their oddities inside, but the more time you spend with someone the harder that becomes. You might fear that the true you is too much to handle, or that you’re being too clingy. Chances are, you new friend feels exactly the same way.

6. Let’s Combine Circles

Eventually your friendship will progress to the stage where you meet each other’s friends. This can be tricky as you may not behave the same in a big group as you do with each other, so be prepared to have an open mind. Remember what you mean to each other.

7. Yay, We’re Friends!

You hang out a lot, you message each other, and share common interests. It’s safe to say you’re officially friends, it’s all sunshine and rainbows, nothing can go wrong...

8. Let’s Talk About Anything

By this time you’re so comfortable with your friend that no subject is off limits. You share all your secrets, even the ones you never thought you’d tell anyone, and you don’t ever feel judged. Even when it’s humiliating. This is becoming more like family, than friendship.

9. BFF’s

When you are truly there for each other, you have made it! You know that you’ll both be there to share the highs and support one another through the lows. Lucky you, a friend for life!

Friendship is never always easy and straightforward; you might have to weather hard times sometimes but it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can experience. When you have a true friend, don’t forget to treasure them always.

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