8 Early Signs You’re In The ‘Friend Zone’

Reading guys can sometimes be difficult, especially when you have feelings clouding your judgement. It’s easy to make things much bigger than they are, or to twist events to see things you want to see. It’s one of those unfortunate life experiences that nearly all of us goes through at some point... realizing that he just isn’t into you! Hopefully if you can spot these early signs, it’ll stop a lot of heartache later on:

1. He doesn’t notice things about you

You get a haircut, he doesn’t see it, you tell him what you’re up to over the weekend, he never remembers it, you discuss a band you both like and he forgets that you ever had that conversation... sound familiar? If he isn’t interested in these little details about you, then he’s not paying enough attention. And really, if he doesn’t notice you now, what makes you think he’ll be any better as a boyfriend? Is that really what you want? Didn’t think so!

2. He gives you a nickname that’s similar to his guy friends

If he gives all is friends silly sounding nicknames, whilst doing the same to you, chances are he sees you as ‘one of the guys’. This goes for any of his behavior, if he treats you the same way he does everyone else, then that’s probably how he sees you, like everyone else and nothing special.

3. He only bothers to text you

If communication with him is sporadic, very basic, through the occasional text message and never contains anything flirty, then it stands to reason that you aren’t on his mind as much as he is in yours.

4. You only ever hang out with other people

If he never initiates hanging out one on one with you, and everything you do together is with other people, you probably don’t stand out in his mind. Ask him if he wants to hang out just the two of you to see what his reaction is. If he doesn’t jump eagerly at the chance, it’s best to re-focus your affections elsewhere.

5. He doesn’t flirt back

If you’re flirty with him and he seems oblivious to it, then he clearly isn’t looking for any sign that you feel the same way as him. Of course, he might just be shy or naive when it comes to affection, so don’t base it on just this point!

6. He discusses other women in front of you

If he points out hot girls or discusses his flings with other women, then it’s safe to say that he isn’t doing all that he can to woo you. To him, you’re just another friend to brag about his conquests to, he probably has no idea how much that hurts you.

7. He suggests other guys for you

The biggest clue that you’re only a friend to him is if he tries to set you up on dates, or he picks out guys you might like. If he’s into you, his male ego will get in the way and there’s no way he’ll highlight the competition to you.

8.He never tries it on!

If you’ve been hanging out for a while, sometimes even alone, and he doesn’t make a move... then chances are he’s never going to. If he liked you, he would have found some way to try his luck. It might be hard to accept, and even more difficult to move on, but actually it might just be the best thing for you.

After all, maybe having him as a friend is all you really need!

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