The importance of good friends can’t be over-stated. They are vitally important to our lives. Research has shown that we live longer, remain productive longer and suffer fewer illness when we have a strong friend base. Friends give us support, they help keep us grounded in reality, they make us laugh, they cry with us, but most of all the keep us connected to something outside of ourselves that makes life worth living.

"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you"



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I often get asked what is Friendship Coaching? People often say “if you want advice you can just talk to a friend!” and, of course, where would we be without our friends? They play an invaluable role in our lives and influence our emotional health positively. Making a meaningful connection with other people is the single most valuable skill in business and life.  There’s enough evidence to prove that when we surround ourselves with different types of people and are open to new experiences, it enriches you in unimaginable ways

Whether you want to re-evaluate your life, need some direction, want to make great friends and make lifestyle changes, then get all the help you need from a series of our sessions. Most successful people have professional coaching to get them on the right track and keep them there long after they have achieved their original goals.

We offer coaching packages to enable you to learn how to:


  • Make extraordinary new friends

  • Enhance current friendships

  • Maintain long-term, meaningful and successful friendships

  • Create a realistic, friendship action plan including a friendship evaluation

  • Deal with friendship conflict and resolve problems

  • Handle friendship break-ups

  • Recognizing and deal with bad or negative friends

  • Much, much more…..











Hourly Sessions

Hourly coaching sessions can be booked at the hourly rate 


Bronze Package

6 x 60 minute telephone coaching sessions 


Silver Package

6 x 60 minute face to face or telephone sessions 


Gold Package

8 x one hour, face to face or telephone coaching sessions 


If you can’t find a package that suits you, then contact us and we will work with you to tailor-make a package that suits your needs.

NB (face to face sessions can be taken over a 3 month period, if you prefer, rather than 6 weeks, depending on how much time you need to work towards your goals, and how quickly you want to attain your goals). Silver Package: Travelling to destinations over 5 miles incurs an extra cost depending on distance and the time it takes to get to the destination. Gold Package: (within Greater London). Traveling to destinations over 5 miles incurs an extra cost depending on distance and the time it takes to get to the destination. Additional telephone/email support is also available at no extra cost