"Just Friends - The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Male Friendships" has been designed specifically to help women create deep, meaningful and fun friendships with men. Discover the wonders of platonic relationships in an exciting, refreshing, down-to-earth conversational style. Combining the latest scientific research in this area and endorsed by scientific experts in this field, 'Just Friends' provides all the tools necessary to help women build and nurture male friendships.

Offering practical advice and techniques, it will tell you exactly how to:

  • Initiate male friendships and maintain them

  • Get past the dreaded 'Friend Zone'

  • Manage a no-strings-attached 'Friends with  Benefits' relationship

  • Move successfully from friendship to relationship

  • Understand the scientific pattern of opposite sex friendships

  • And many other exciting topics

A book you just can't afford to miss!!!

The Author

Pamela Naidoo is a Friendship Expert/Coach. Currently residing in London (United Kingdom), Pamela was born and raised in South Africa where she trained as a professional chemical engineer. Pamela’s greatest passion is people and her most admired strengths are her friendship skills. On a mission to extend this friendship knowledge with the world, Pamela teamed up with some of the world’s leading scientists and research scholars to explore friendships, and specifically, study the dynamics of male-female friendships (platonic) which is now the fastest growing social interaction on the planet.  Her first published book 'Just Friends - The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Male Friendships’ is due for release in May 2017.  

"Pamela Naidoo provides a valuable and practical “friendship roadmap” to aid women as they navigate the relatively unknown and challenging terrain of male-female friendships.  She does so through sharing insights based upon her own friendship experiences with men, and informing those insights with relevant social science research. She conveys the challenges and benefits of this relationship in a personable and enjoyable writing style. A delightful strength of the book is a series of very practical “tips” the author offers to women regarding important aspects of initiating and maintaining friendships with “guys.”  These include, among others, insightful tips regarding basic friendship skills, cross-gender “conversation” skills, pathways for making friends in the workplace and dealing with romantic partners’ perceptions of the friendship"  

- Prof. Don O'Meara

(Dept. of Sociology, University of Cincinnati, Ohio)


"As an academic expert on friendships between women and men, and as a personal fan of those kinds of friendships myself (and being the father of two young daughters), I very much enjoyed reading Pam Naidoo’s book “Just Friends.” The popular culture market has long needed a book that combines scholarly findings about friendships between women and men with everyday occurrences and accounts of those relationships. Her own personal stories about her friendships with men were entertaining and insightful, and she carefully juxtaposed her own experiences with academic findings about cross-sex friendships. I particularly liked the sections on the “dreaded friend zone” and “friends with benefits.” Fun reading! I think more than anything else, this is a “How To” book; how to have deep, meaningful, and fun friendships with men, while at the same time carefully avoiding some of the common pitfalls of those relationships"

- Dr William M Monsour III 

(Dept. of Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado)