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Here, all we talk about is opposite sex friendships!


Why? Just one simple reason!

Male-female friendships are rapidly becoming the FASTEST growing social interaction on the planet. We study, work and play together; now more than ever, so isn't it time we learnt how to create successful, long-term friendships with the opposite sex? 


And while we are all so familiar with the way same-sex and romantic relationships work, we don't really have much to go on when it comes to opposite sex friendships.

We are about to change all that, and more! Anything from a simple companionship to the not-so-simple 'friends with benefits', we have you covered!


At Platonic Planet, we come together to discuss, share and learn about opposite sex friendships. And with 7.5 billion people on the planet, wouldn't it be just plain foolish to rule out half the world and hang out only with the same sex?


Come join in the fun!!!

Welcome to Platonic Planet!